Spring has well and truly sprung!

Enjoy Easter in a pair of Braveling's Sunshine Stripe Little Titans tights

Fun is in the air in our household – nature’s a hive of activity and it’s infectious! So bring on the splodgy fingerprint chicks, cotton wool bunnies with fluffy bobtails and chocolate-caked grins (already!) as Easter nests are sculpted out of temptingly gooey rice krispie concoctions.

For adventurous toddlers there is a whole new world to explore – scouring ponds for squidgy frogspawn, hunting under hedgerows for foggy-headed hedgehogs, and keeping a watchful eye out for a lucky glimpse of the Easter Bunny!

It’s a great time to be finding your feet too. Enjoy the magic of your little one tottering and teetering for the very first time, like the wobbly little lambs in the field.

Above all, what a wonderful moment to bring new life into the world. So three cheers for all those spring babies arriving amid the beautiful blossoms and dazzling daffodils.

And if you don’t fancy those March winds and April showers spoiling the fun, we’ve got just the thing. Pop on a pair of our Sunshine Stripe Little Titans and channel sunbeams, spring chicks and busy bees…

Happy Easter everyone!