The gift of superpowers

What is it about an old-fashioned superhero that makes our little ones want to don a cape and race around the place?

Is it the promise of X-ray vision, flying through the skies, catching baddies…

No doubt!

But is there also something in the transformation itself? That normal, everyday people can have the strength to do extraordinary things. That’s a pretty powerful comfort blanket, at an age when we first begin to venture into the big wide world.

Braveling’s new Little Hero Bobble Beanie cleverly combines imaginary powers (your little one can choose each time they put it on) with the comfort of a soft toy.

Designed in collaboration with the brilliant Kate Hindley, our characterful winter hats for 0-6s are made from softest Italian merino wool with a seamless cotton lining for added cosiness. And each hand-crocheted bobble is one of a kind – just like your little hero!

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