Whoooo will you be this Halloween?

Halloween costume ideas: Franken-tot & Harlequin
Left: Freaky Franken-tot Fun | Right: Happy Harlequinny Halloween
A ghoulie? A ghostie? A long-leggedy beastie? A thing that goes bump in the night?

This is how it’s panning out in our household in the run-up to Halloween…

I’ve got the whole ghoulie / ghostie part covered off – I only need to stumble into the corridor with bed-head and no make-up to set my clan quaking in their boots.

My eldest will no doubt embody the long-leggedy beastie (eek!) He’s finally clocked that my fear of spiders can be a source of infinite amusement. Oxford Natural History Museum may still be reverberating with the sound of my screams after he ‘innocently’ pointed out the tarantula lurking in the cabinet right under my nose!

Meanwhile, my littlest monster is already going bump in the night – bouncing on the bed (and off the walls) in anticipation of the spooky fun to be had just around the corner.

Whatever supernatural style your crew opts for this Halloween, we’ve got the little legs for it – from witches to monsters, harlequins to wild things… Enjoy!